We are having a raffle and the first prize is a top of the range K9-2300 Pro underwater treadmill! Anyone from anywhere can take part.

Installed and ready to run! Only 500 tickets available! Terms and Conditions apply

Find tickets in the online shop!

What our Clients say:

I've been using the Aquatread Underwater Treadmill for 2 years...patients can't wait to get into the UWT, and run into the rehab room dragging their owners behind them.

Sr Sylvia Korpel - Peninsula Veterinary Hospital South Africa

The resistance jets, uphill / downhill and the forward / reverse are very useful, as is the easy cleaning and rings for supporting para / quadraplegic dogs....What do you need maintenance & service for? We clean / maintain all our filters ourselves. (A good local swimming pool company would also do that for you). All motors & valves are guaranteed & shouldn't need much in the way of maintenance.

Jane Bannatyne - Canine Aqua Hydro United Kingdom