K9-1900 Basic

 While the K9-1900 Basic is a smaller machine it still has many of the K9-2300 Pro features that make our Canine Underwater Treadmills so unique.

Included in the K9-1900 Basic are the following:

1)    Heavy duty stainless steel body & parts
2)    Armoured GLASS windows – easy & cost effective  replacement if ever required
3)    Forward / Reverse
4)    Touch Screen Control
5)    Speed Control 0.8-10km/h
6)    Motorized (in motion) incline / decline adjustment
7)    Full water level control
8)    Walk-in ramps with level standing platform – Aluminium, lightweight
9)    2500 liter water tank
10)  Filter system with Heat pump & UV light (reduces chlorine usage by 70%)
11)  Emergency water dump / non contamination feature
12)  Earth leakage protection
13)  Bottom drain for effortless & effective cleaning
14)  Elevated on stainless steel feet for easy cleaning underneath
15)  Fully adjustable doors
16)  Longer belt length
17)  Comfortable therapist space for working inside the machine
18)  Operate in both walking directions


The Aquatread underwater treadmills have been specifically designed to have extremely low (and low cost!) maintenance requirements. Most of this can be done by yourself or a local mechanic and electrician. Parts will mostly be available locally and “off the shelf”; as standard.


Here are schematics of our new K9-1900 BASIC:

Below: Easy cleaning has always been a feature of the Aquatread Canine Underwater Treadmills.

Below: Incline can still be set in both directions while in use.