K9-2300 Pro

Included in the K9-2300 Pro are the following:

1)   Heavy duty stainless steel body & parts
2)   Armoured GLASS windows – easy & cost effective  replacement if ever required
3)   Forward / Reverse
4)   Speed control 0.8-10km/h
5)   Motorized (in motion) incline / decline adjustment
6)   Full water level control
7)   Walk-in ramps with level standing platform – Aluminium, lightweight
8)   3000-liter water tank
9)   Filter system with Heat pump & UV light (reduces chlorine usage by 70%)
10) Emergency water dump / non-contamination feature
11)  Earth leakage protection
12) Bottom drain for effortless & effective cleaning
13) Elevated on stainless steel feet for easy cleaning underneath
14) Fully adjustable doors
15) 2m belt length
Further (included) standard features…
16) Touch screen control with auto or manual functions
17) Two Industrial Remote Controls
18) Built-in counter flow jets with height and flow adjustment – both ends
19) Theraband tie-downs
20) Integrated support harness sliding hooks
21) Comfortable therapist space for working inside the machine
22) Therapist seat
23) Therapist height boosters
24) Overstep for front feet resting and back leg walking only
25) Operate in both walking directions
26) Removable outside therapist/operator platforms
27) Storage tray behind