This machine needs very little maintenance. Just good care taken with keeping it clean. It is the same with the water maintenance. As long as you clean the machine and your water system daily, you should have care-free operation and clear good quality water! The stainless steel body and parts will never deteriorate or break with normal use. Door rubbers have a limited lifetime (usually 18-36 months), but is available from almost any rubber shop and very easy & quick to change yourself. The conveyor belt usually lasts around 4 – 6 years (some longer) and can be supplied and fitted by any belting company near you. Replacement filter cartridges are also available from the agents  in most countries. We are keeping it simple, so any wearable or electrical parts you would ever need in future, is usually available nearby off the shelf. Initially everything comes with a guarantee.

Installation requirements

Electrical: normal 220/110V. The machine has it’s own isolator as per regulations. For safety we advise to have a 32Amp dedicated breaker & minimum 6mm cord installed from your distribution board to the machine.

Water: You should just have a tap with a hose nearby to top up the 2500 -3000 litre tank when necessary. It is best to have an industrial floor drain for cleaning (or messing!) and also to have the tank and pumps outside (or in another room, also with a floor drain). The rest of the machine’s plumbing & pipework is part of the custom installation we do to make sure everything fit & suit your existing building & drain system.


A few simple features make cleaning really easy:

  • Aquatread is elevated off the floor, so to sweep & vacuum under the treadmill is very easy.
  • The conveyor lifts to a completely upright position with no extra obstacles underneath and has a specially shaped drainwell & drain to get rid of all the water inside.
  • The water inside the treadmill can be shut off from the rest of the system, to dump in case of an accident.

Note: This machine was designed for dogs / small animals and should NOT be used FOR HUMANS and is not to be filled above the maximum (1400 liters) mark. Usual maximum working depth is normally around 1250 liters for a very large dog .