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Sent: 20 February 2017 23:28

To: janebannatyne@hotmail.com

Subject: Aquatread uwtm

Hi Jane,

Anthon from Aquatread said you have one of his machines and I’m hoping you can give me some feedback on

how you find it?

I am New Zealand and I have seen a two year old model in action, and my biggest concern is the Giant Breed

being able to fit their limbs on the belt comfortably.

I look forward to hearing any feedback that you can provide.

Kind regards

Karynne Penfold

UK Qualified Canine Hydrotherapist

K9 Aqua Ltd



From: Jane Bannatyne <janebannatyne@hotmail.com>

Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 4:34 AM

Subject: Re: Aquatread uwtm

To: K9 Aqua Ltd <swimming@k9aqua.co.nz>

Hi Karynne,

I have used a Westcoast machinne for about 8 years, but it is a 1.8m machine. I looked at all the UWTs

I could find in the northern hemisphere and decided that the only one that would cope with the giant

breeds was from K9Surf. I was totally wrong, as what they produced did not work & was a complete

waste of time & money. One of the girls on the CCRP course I did, had an Aquatread where she

worked in SA and she said they were very pleased with it, hence the reason for me going to SA to see

them & then buying one. Mine is longer than they have done in the past, but I have had no issues

with large breeds in it (which was one of the main reasons for upgrading). I have had great danes,

irish wolfhounds, bernese mountain dogs, boerboel mastiff, newfoundland etc and had no problems

with size. They produced “booster steps” at my request, which enables the operator to stand astride

even the largest of dogs if that is how you work. (I have throughout my career). My original conncern

was the fact that 3 pieces of glass rather than 1 are used per side, but that doesn’t cause an issue. The

resistance jets, uphill / downhill and the forward / reverse are very useful, as is the easy cleaning and

rings for supporting para / quadraplegic dogs.

The only minor negatives are that I would have preferred longer ramps, and if the water in / out valve

was faster it would have been better. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

Let me know if there is anything else that you need to know.

Kind regards


Jane Bannatyne CCRP, Dip. Canine Aqua Hydro, RCH, IRVAP (Assoc.),


121 Animal Therapy 01243 543121


From: Siobhan menzies <holisticpetni@icloud.com>

Sent: 08 February 2017 00:24

To: janebannatyne@hotmail.com

Subject: Aquatread UWT


I am interested in finding out about the Aquatread UWT as I may purchase one. Your address is on

their website as a location. Can you tell me what you think of it please?


Siobhan Menzies BVM&S MRCVS


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On 8 Feb 2017, at 08:00, Jane Bannatyne <janebannatyne@hotmail.com> wrote:


I think it is much better than anything else available on the market.

It has all the extras you would want. Easy clean. Longer bed than any other machine so

there are no problems fitting large breed dogs.

If you want to see it working, contact me and we can arrange a suitable time.

Kind regards


Jane Bannatyne CCRP, Dip. Canine Aqua Hydro, RCH, IRVAP (Assoc.), RICHA

121 Animal Therapy 01243 543121


From: Siobhan menzies <holisticpetni@icloud.com>

Sent: 08 February 2017 11:07

To: Jane Bannatyne

Subject: Re: Aquatread UWT

Thanks for that Jane. After that glowing reference I don’t think I need to visit ! I have a Hydrophysio

tread in NI and our problem is ongoing maintenance and service. They are a nightmare – charge us

£1800 just to come over and the parts never arrive until the day they’re leaving. What’s the support

from aquatread been like ?

Thanks again for your prompt reply,


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On 8 Feb 2017, at 13:00, Jane Bannatyne <janebannatyne@hotmail.com> wrote:

H Siobhan,

What do you need maintenance & service for?

We clean / maintain all our filters ourselves. (A good local swimming pool company would also do

that for you). All motors & valves are guaranteed & shouldn’t need much in the way of

maintenance. I think they are all companies who have offices in Europe if not in UK. There is a

company in UK who would come & fit a belt if you needed it. We have a commercial electrician

who can do anything in that department if necessary. I guess if you needed anything he might be

able to recommend someone / might come with parts & charge you for time & flights etc. Anthon

is always at the end of an email / phone if you need him, and he spends time on installation to

ensure that things don’t go wrong afterwards. He will show you / explain exactly what you need to

do & when.

Hope this makes sense.


Jane Bannatyne CCRP, Dip. Canine Aqua Hydro, RCH, IRVAP (Assoc.), RICHA

121 Animal Therapy 01243 543121