Aquatread Underwater Treadmills


Aquatread underwater treadmills are designed to be low maintenance. Regular cleaning of machine and daily water system management should ensure care-free operation and clear, good quality water. See water management for guidance.

Door seals have a life time of 18-36 months. They are available at most rubber suppliers or can be ordered from Aquatread and are quick and easy to change yourself.

UV clarifier lamps last about 18 months. A spare lamp is supplied with the machine and are available from us directly or retailers in South Africa.

Glass media in sand filter is washable and should not need replacing. It would need cleaning once a year or longer depending on the workload. To clean remove and wash with any detergent, rinse thoroughly before replacing.

Conveyor belts should have a 4-6 year lifespan. A new belt can be supplied and fitted by any belting company near you. They will measure and fit the belt on site. Please contact Aquatread for assistance in organizing this.

The main  drive has off the shelf, industry-standard  bearings and seals available from a local  bearing supplier. They are easily accessible from the outside without needing to remove the conveyor. The bearings and seals need no maintenance and can last several years.

Electrical components can be repaired or if need be replaced by your local electrician. Components should be available locally off the shelf. There are no specialised components. Electrical components initially have the manufacturers guarantee.

The small circulation filter pump for the filtration and sanitizing system, will need to be replaced depending on its run time and your work load. Our experience shows that facilities with high workloads usually need the filter pump replaced once a year. The high volume IN and OUT pumps are robust, industrial strength pumps and should last many years if the weir baskets are regularly cleaned of dog hair. (Out-pump daily and as needed for the In-pump).

Water Managment System

Aquatread Underwater Treadmill

Hair trap: Removes residual dog hair coming out the underwater treadmill tank. The hair trap is in the out-line between the treadmill
tank and water storage tank. It should be cleaned daily or more often as the work load requires.

Filter Pump: Drives the filtration and sanitizing system. The basket should be cleaned of hair daily.

Sand Filter: Removes the particulate matter from the water. Backwash the filter daily or as the workload requires.

UV light: Deactivates micro-organisms in water.

Salt Chlorinator: Salt is added to the water as required. The salt molecule (NaCl) is split by the chlorinator to make free chlorine available to the system. The chlorinator is on a timer and should run at night to clean the water. This means that you would have the chlorinator’s timer set for the chlorinator to run for period directly after closing up so that the water has maximum exposure to the chlorine and its sanitizing effect. After the chlorinator shuts off, chlorine levels will slowly reduce in the water as it is filtered so that by the next morning you are working with water that has acceptably low chlorine levels for the dog’s skin.

The water is super-chlorinated on the weekend or days when not in use to break down combined chlorine, organic matter, contamination and to re-establish a positive level of free chlorine in the water.

You need to monitor the amount of pool salt to be added to the tanks so that sufficient NaCl is available for the chlorinator to make chlorine. Too low levels of chlorine will not clean or sanitize the water and will allow algae to get into the system forcing you to dump all the water and to clean the system which is wasteful. Remember too much salt in the water is an irritant to the dog’s skin and eyes, corrosive to the system and dirties the glass of the UWT. The amount of salt required will be determined by multiple factors such as the load, water lost and replaced, amount of chlorination required etc. The chlorinator shows when the salt levels are low.

Heat Pump: The energy-efficient heat pump heats the water. The filter pump should be working for heating to occur. The heat pump should be set to heat the water prior to starting in the morning. The length of time needed to heat the water will depend on climatic conditions.

Hair trapDaily or more frequent cleaning depending on work load
Filter and out-pump basketsClean daily
In-pump basketClean when needed
Sand filterBackwash daily or as workload requires

Water variables must be checked at least twice daily:

Hair trapDaily or more frequent cleaning depending on work load
Filter and out-pump basketsClean daily
In-pump basketClean when needed
Sand filterBackwash daily or as workload requires

Site Requirements


Aquatread will consult with customers as to the most appropriate configuration depending on the space available. Dogs will require walking access to straight ramps. Corner ramps can be supplied at additional cost for tight spaces to make access safer and more acceptable to patients.

Floor requirements

Drain in floor recommended.

Floor load bearing capacity must be adequate. A full treadmill can weigh 2000kg.

Electrical requirements

  • 220/240V (or 380/400V)
  • Dedicated circuit breaker of minimum 32A in the DB
  • A power supply to our DB positioned at the machine must be installed by your electrician
    (core x 4mm cable minimum, depending on distance of power supply from machine).
  • As a safety feature, the system has its own earth leakage protection installed and cannot be
    connected to your existing earth leakage protector. Your electrician will install a separate
    isolator depending on municipal/council requirements.

Site access

The system is delivered to the site crated to be unpacked and installed by our technical personnel. No
heavy equipment is required for installation. The machine can fit through most single doorways
although double doorways are preferred.

Driving Aquatic Performance